“This one idea cures chronic, nagging, persistent pain,
in any area of the body, BETTER and FASTER than
anything I’ve seen in over 20 years as a
kinesiologist and pain specialist.”

I create exercise programs that help people heal injuries and eliminate pain, so they can go back to living a full, active, healthy life.  

If you feel pain in any area of your body on a frequent or consistent basis, and nothing’s worked for you yet, PLEASE READ THIS SHORT LETTER - this could change your life...

Chronic, persistent pain is REALLY hard to fix.

Or is it?

It is if you don’t know this “hidden-in-plain-sight” secret I’m about to reveal in this letter.

But, if you know this secret - and you will in one minute - erasing, eradicating and eliminating all of your chronic, persistent pain BECOMES VERY EASY.

This one idea has PERMANENTLY ELIMINATED chronic, nagging, persistent pain, in my clients, customers, friends and family, more than anything else I’ve seen or learned in my 20-year career as a kinesiologist and pain specialist.

What I’m about to share is the most fascinating, and the most powerful thing I’ve learned in all that time.

It’s not something you do…

...or don’t do.

It’s just a matter of becoming aware of a simple, but widespread misunderstanding.

Here’s the secret that has cured more chronic,
persistent pain than anything else I’ve seen or learned
in over 20 years as a pain specialist:

Here it is: 99% of people (and doctors and other health professionals) don’t know the real cause of most chronic, persistent pain.


If you think you’ve heard this before, just hang with me here for one more minute. I think you’re going to see something you haven’t before.

Here’s a real-life example of what I’m talking about:

Most pain-treatment programs

Do you know why most people with hip pain never really get rid of it, and have to “learn to live with it”?

It’s because most doctors and health professionals believe hip pain is caused by the hips. And this makes sense, because it seems obvious, right? Based on this belief, doctors and other health professionals prescribe exercises, stretches and therapy aimed at strengthening and healing the hips.

But, very few people with hip pain get better doing this, and it’s because the doctors and physical therapists don’t realize they’ve incorrectly diagnosed the problem.

In most cases of chronic, persistent hip pain, the real culprit, the real cause, is a small muscle that’s located NEAR THE HIPS, called the Gluteus Medius. And treatments aimed at the hips don’t target the Gluteus Medius at all, so the problem persists!

If you look at the latest medical papers and studies, you’ll find that they all point to the answer - that most hip pain is caused in large part by weakened or injured Gluteus Medius muscles.

But unfortunately, most doctors and health professionals don’t take the time to read and study the latest medical findings. And this is why they are misdiagnosing chronic pain, and prescribing the wrong treatment plans. They don’t even realize that their patient is doomed to fail before they even do the first exercise!

There is a “hidden” cause for most chronic and
persistent pain in our bodies...

This misunderstanding doesn’t just apply to the hips. It applies to the back, the knees, the neck, the shoulders… most body parts in fact. Why? Because our body is a marvelous system of interconnected muscles, bones, joints and tissues that all help one another to do all the complex movements we all do every day. And in such an interconnected system of parts, it is highly unlikely that one part is primarily or solely causing the pain you feel on a consistent basis.

So, the bottom line is:

There is a “hidden” cause for most chronic and persistent pain in our human bodies...  

...and most doctors and health professionals don’t see these hidden causes because they don’t have the latest knowledge and information that is put forth in the latest medical research.  

Here’s why this is GREAT NEWS for you!

This is great news for you, because the chances are good that your chronic pain has been misdiagnosed, and you’ve been given a treatment program that has no chance of succeeding…

...but once you get the right information, and understand where your pain is REALLY coming from, then you can do THE RIGHT treatment program, and you will be delighted!

Why will you be delighted?

Because when you do THE RIGHT treatment program, your pain goes away faster than you can imagine, and it doesn’t come back!

Most of the success I’ve had helping people eliminate their chronic, nagging, persistent pain throughout my 20+ year career, have not come from my brilliance or special talent, but from realizing this one thing: that most of the chronic pain we all feel have a hidden cause that isn’t immediately obvious. When I was able to identify the real cause of people’s pain, it was usually easy to create the right treatment program, and as soon as they used it, they got better… quickly and easily!

I’ve been helping people eliminate their pain since 1994…
and I want to help you with your pain, RIGHT NOW, FOR FREE!

My name is Rick Kaselj, MS, and since 1994, I’ve been a kinesiologist, personal trainer, exercise therapist, and pain specialist.


I’m all about finding what works… and unfortunately, a lot of the advice out there, even from trained professionals and reputable sources… does not work!

Some of the most effective methods I’ve discovered for eliminating pain and healing injuries are counterintuitive… and they required diligent research, testing, and creativity to discover.

Just so you know I’m the real deal, here are some credibility factors:

I’ve been in the fitness and rehab industry since 1994.
I spent 6 years at University studying kinesiology, corrective exercise and therapeutic exercise, and got my Master’s Degree in exercise science.
I have 16 years of hands-on experience, working directly with clients and teaching my techniques and programs to fitness professionals, Kinesiologists, and healthcare providers.
I’ve conducted thousands of personal training sessions.
I’ve carefully scrutinized hundreds of relevant medical research papers.
I’m also an author and speaker and I’ve given over 260 presentations to more than 5,000 fitness professionals across Canada and USA.

Here’s how I can help you with your pain,

While it isn’t realistic for me to evaluate and treat everyone one-on-one, I have recently developed something that accomplishes the next best thing.

I created a quiz you can take right now, online. It’s totally free, and it takes less than one minute to complete.

This quiz takes you through the same exact questions I ask every new client that comes in to see me. Your answers will give me the information I need to determine what is REALLY CAUSING your pain.

And then, after you complete the quiz, you will get a FREE, PERSONALIZED VIDEO that will help you, right then and there, to start reducing your pain, and you will get further instructions on how to PERMANENTLY ELIMINATE your pain!

And, it’s all free!

If you want to get started on the REAL ROAD TO RECOVERY…
take this quiz right now - it’s 100% free,
and it takes less than one minute to complete!

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